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John Slonina - Photography

Artist Bio
John Slonina is an award winning professional nature photographer, tour leader and writer devoted to the conservation of wild places and wild things. 
My goal is to portray natural events through elegant nature photographs and writings. My work has been published in multiple books, calendars, post cards etc. My photographs are in private collections and galleries throughout the world.
My photographs are designed to show the phenomenal beauty of nature in a dramatic artistic way. Incredible things happen every second, but are often unnoticed. I like to document natural events such as behaviors, life cycles, and the habitats needed for survival.
My understanding of the natural world stems from a childhood rich in outdoor adventures. I grew up exploring the New England landscape seeking out wild places, wildlife and adventures. I have been photographing nature, birding, kayaking, hiking, and observing wildlife for over 30 years.
My goal is to use our photographs and writings to educate and inform as many people as possible about nature and environmental issues.  I hope to introduce them to places and animals that they may never have the opportunity to see. I believe that a personal connection to nature is necessary to increase a person's desire to protect a particular species and habitat.
I have over 800,000 natural history images. My files are rapidly growing with new images being added weekly. I strive to make my photography distinctive, artistic, and sharp. My passion for nature is the subject of each image.
We have photo tours and workshops to several national parks and places including Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Katmai, Mt Rainier, Olympic, Great Smoky Mountains, Kenai Fjords, Everglades, Big Cypress Preserve, Alaska, Arches, Canyonlands, Shenandoah, Lake Clark, New England and Acadia.
I am extremely grateful that most of my participants end up returning for another photo tour. I sell out almost every tour. I promise we will work hard to get images that you will never forget. 
John Slonina

Artist Work

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