Full Circle Artisan's Gallery & Bead Emporium - Gallery represents contemporary artists and designs
One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value, especially in the fine arts.
A person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill: You are an artist in the kitchen.
One, such as an actor or singer, who works in the performing arts.
One who is adept at an activity, especially one involving trickery or deceit: a con artist.
Full Circle Artisan's Gallery has a vast range of artistic talents!!!
Alan Reilly - Driftwood Pieces
Alden Monberg - Jewelry
Amy Richardson - Jewelry
Andree' Benoist- Paintings
Ashley Chartier - Jewelry
Bill Housley - Wood turner
Bethany Abramson - Twisted wire trees
Bernadette Monette - Various Mediums of Art
Bob Finn - Wood turner
Brenda Farrington - Fiber Artist
Brenda Owen - Watercolor
Cathy Putzier - Jewelry
Cheryl Harmon - Leather bracelets/Painter
Cindy McDougall - Jewelry Designer
Corey Lane - Frame crafter
Dale Martin - Photography
David Carr - Wood turner
David Wayne- Woodworker
Deborah Peters - Jewelry
Denise Meirop - Jewelry Designer
Dick Tilton - Photography/ Musician
Doug Corrigan - Drift wood creations
Donna Seim -Author
Emily Janson- Jewelry Designer
Eric Fox - Photographer
Eric Rollins - Woodwork
Ginger Proulx- handmade soaps
Heather Romano - Chain Maille Jewelry
Hurshee Somers - Fiber Artist
Janet Thurston - Painted Glass
Jane Gilmartin - Painter
Jackie Hickey - Potter
Jessie O'brien - Wood burning Art
Joan Hannan - Pet accessories and more
John Slonina - Photography
John Sanborn - metal smith
Julia Wyper - Jewelry Designer
Judith Howe- Hand knits
Judy Wallace- Jewelry
June Mendell - Jewelry Designer
A. Justin Eddy- Paintings
Karen Foley - vintage art (jewelry and such)
Katherine Kelley - Handcrafted wares and whimsy
Lawrence England - Woodworker
Lawren Foye - Paintings
LeighAnne Weeks- Woodcrafts
Margaret Kerschner - Sea glass Jewelry
Margaret Olson - Fiber Art
Mark Whitehead - woodcrafts
Martha Chessie - Handwoven Baskets
Martha Tracy - Fiber Artist (Peace Fleece)
Meg & John DeStefano - Jewelry 
Mike Mason - Stained Glass & Kaleidoscopes 
Nancy Fitch - Stained Glass Artist
Nancy Sandreuter - Fabbric Artist
Natalie Bettel - Paintings
Nicki Nickerson  - Various mediums
Pam Pinault - Fiber Art
Pam Harrison - Primitive Art
Pete Talbot - Photography
Peg  Snyder - Oil Painter
Randi Voye- Various mediums
Richard S. Green - Pottery
Robert Harrington - Glasswork Artist
Roberta Emerson - handpainted wares
Sabrina Thiemke-Greene - Paper, Fiber & Printmaking
Sally Jo Pollard - Photography
Sandra Miner - Photography
Sarah Wortheim - Jewelry
Su Richards  - Fiber Arts
Sue Melanson - Watercolor Artist
Susan Peterson - Jewelry
Tom Pingree - Locally Made Maple Syrup Products
Val Bozzi - Photography
Vickie Donnelly - Jewelry
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